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Hybrids Happen

In western Panama birdwatchers are forgiven if they can’t match a jacana with the guidebook illustration. Is it a Northern Jacana (Jacana spinosa) or a Wattled Jacana (Jacana jacana)?  Where they meet, birds may mate across species lines, producing hybrids. Sara Lipshutz used her STRI Short-term fellowship to discover how species that once diverged come back together.

As tropical biologists, we seek to satisfy our curiosity in biologically complex environments where language and logistics may prove to be as important as scientific intellect. Whether you are just beginning to think about tropical biology as a career or are already enrolled in a degree program, access to tropical forests and reefs in Panama and STRI’s community of inquisitive minds make this the ideal place to test the waters.

Four times each year, in November, March, May and August, we evaluate proposals from students who would like to conduct their own projects on our research platform. November 15 is the deadline for short-term fellowships. These 3-years projects are intended for beginning graduate students and promising undergraduates who bring new ideas and will benefit from our resident scientists’ deep knowledge of tropical organisms and ecosystems.

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STRI rocksTwo groups of STRI scientists who hold different views on the age of the closure of the Isthmus of Panama will soon clash head-to-head.
How far do reef fish larvae travel in marine currents?Most coral reef fishes have a planktonic larval stage. Tiny fish larvae could potentially be dispersed…
Hannibal Banks ExpeditionPanama’s Coiba National Park, part of a major migration route for marine animals in the Tropical Eastern Pacific –from the Galapagos to Costa Rica’s Cocos Islands– remains largely unexplored.