Anolis Genome Labs

Laboratories workin on the Gentome of the Anolis Lizard

Kenro Kusumi

Arizona State University

Comparative genomics, development, regenerative medicine, evolutionary genetics  

Jeanne Wilson-Rawls

Arizona State University

Stem cell biology, muscle development, biochemistry and signaling pathways, regenerative medicine  

Arhat Abzhanov and Thom Sanger

Harvard University

Developmental biology, evolutionary genetics, comparative morphology, craniofacial development  

Jonathan Losos

Harvard University

Behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics of Anolis adaptive radiations  

Juli Wade

Michigan State University

Neurodevelopment, biochemistry, neurobiology, behavioral ecology, neuroendocrine biology  

Jessica Stapley / Eldgredge Bermingham

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Evolution and maintenance of phenotypic variation at multiple scales – individuals, sexes, populations and species, proximate (genetic) and ultimate (selection) causes of variation  

Rob Kulathinal

Temple University

Comparative genomics, population genetics, evolutionary genetics, bioinformatics  

Doug Menke

University of Georgia

Comparative genomics, limb development and morphology, genetic regulation and functional analysis of enhancers  

Travis Glenn

University of Georgia

Environmental genomics, genotoxicology,  environmental health & remediation, evolutionary biology, natural resource management