Anolis Nomenclature Committee

Anole names

Anolis Gene Nomenclature Committee (AGNC)

The AGNC is an active committee of genetics, genomicists, and lizard biologists, interested in building upon the increasing number of data resources that have been generated in the anoles community. The AGNC’s goal is to foster community-based discussion and agreements about genetic nomenclatures, controlled vocabularies, and species/population identification. In our 2011 BMC Genomics paper, we presented guidelines for the following objectives:

  • A gene naming convention
  • Species abbreviations
  • Orthology assignments

The AGNC also sees the need to find solutions to the following unresolved issues:

  • Nomenclature for populations and the treatment of geographic variation
  • A common nomenclature for genetic markers such as microsatellites and SNPs
  • A common nomenclature for transposable elements

The AGNC encourages active feedback from the community to raise overlooked issues and unforeseen conflicts. The AGNC will post questions, discussion items and potential solutions to anole community web sites including:

We welcome that you contact any member of the committee. We also wish to elicit comments and suggestions from other research communities with unannotated genomes. Current members of the Anolis Gene Nomenclature Committee are: